Paging my wife

The iitems that are completely made up and no one saw coming are my favorite. When the guy hears it they think “you want me to do what?” And when the girl experiences it she thinks “wait, he just did what?” This one fits that perfectly.

A week ago we shared an iitem that encouraged guys to talk a store clerk at a big store (think Home Depot, Ikea or the grocery store) into letting them make an announcement over the loudspeakers. This announcement was to be a profession of their love for their wife.

I gave it a go. And it was awesome.

We’d been at Harris Teeter (grocery store) for 10 minutes. I was on a hunt for crushed tomatoes. When it looked as if my wife was a couple of rows away I quickly made my way up to the Customer Service desk.

Nicole, the lady at Customer Service, knew I was up to no good. She almost jokingly asked how she could help me. I asked if she could make an announcement over the speakers for me. At first she seemed willing. She asked what it was for. I said I’d like to say “Amy, Corey loves you very much”. She laughed and said they can’t make that kind of announcement.

I’m not easily dissuaded so I told her it was our anniversary. That must have won her over. She clicked on her headset and rang her manager Steve. “Steve, there’s a guy here who wants to make an announcement for his anniversary, can we make an exception?” I don’t know what Steve said but it was surprisingly positive.

She asked what I’d like to say. I said just say “Amy, Corey loves you very much.” Well Nicole wasn’t going to let the Anniversary detail escape the big announcement. She shocked me by asking what anniversary it was. “It’s our second” I replied with zero hesitation.

So Nicole pulls over the telescopic mike, tests the speakers are on, and calls the attention of the whole store: “attention ladies and gentlemen, a special announcement for a special lady on their big day. Amy, Corey loves you very much. Happy Second Anniversary.”

I thanked her and ran away, hardly able to contain my laughter. As I passed the checkout clerks I saw Amy pop her head out from the rows, as red as the tomatoes I’d been searching for.

Although embarrassed for a moment, she totally loved it. She said it was like the Kiss Cam at a sporting event but without actually being singled out in front of everyone. No one had any idea we were Amy and Corey.

I highly recommend this one. This is actual footage of my reaction after I saw Amy's face.