iitem (correct pronunciation: "item") is a community for guys who are looking to do more nice things for their significant other.

Here's the story: I realized I was a better boyfriend to Amy than I was a husband. I'd quit doing a lot of the small things I used to do to keep our relationship fresh and make her feel loved and appreciated. This wasn't because I didn't like doing nice things for her. It was more because (a) I had a hard time coming up with good ideas and (b) when I did come up with them, I often forgot them before acting on them.  

So I decided to put some more thought into it and made a list of things I could do that she would actually like (not the cheesy stuff you find on most online lists).  I started doing a few each week. My friends ended up being interested in the ideas as well, so I began emailing them out.  These are really easy things like leave a note on the bathroom mirror, pick up your clothes without her telling you to, and hold her hand in the grocery store. Little things that we should do but forget because of all life's distractions.

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