She's such a badass

My wife is awesome. She’s really good at her job. She’s a great cook. She is way smarter than me. She’s good with money. Then there’s all of the other little stuff. Like she makes me smile when she’s napping. That she still knows how to turn me on. And that watching her play with our dog makes me really excited to have kids. 

I think about this stuff all the time. But you know who knows what I’m thinking? Me. Just me. 

You know who would really like to know these thoughts? My wife. 

Don't be this guy

Don't be this guy

She’d love to hear all of them. There’s nothing better than positive affirmations. Knowing that what you’re doing pleases your spouse is great for two reasons. If she knows that she makes you happy, she’ll do more of it. And it makes people feel good to know they are doing a good job. 

So next time you think to yourself “man, I sure am lucky that [your wife’s name] is good at cooking, taking care of the kids, taxes, putting my clothes away, or taking pictures” tell her. She’ll be happy to hear that you think that and she’ll be happy to do more of it if you really appreciate it.