Photos on the dashboard

On Monday I went to Target to print out some photos to give to Amy for her to display at work. First, it's super easy to do this at Target (and probably most places with a photo machine. Kodak has an app that let me access my photos on their machine to quickly review and print the ones I want.) Each photo was less than a dollar.

I printed out 3. One was from our honeymoon, one was from her graduation and one was from my birthday at a Monster Truck rally. 

I gave them to her after work because she does not drive to the office. She was appreciative, but like with all gestures, it's about timing. We'd just come in from walking the dog and she was pretty tired. I thought I'd get a bigger reaction from her. 

 Apparently she forgot to put them in her purse because I see the folder sitting on the couch :( I'll make sure they get to her office one way or another.